28 April 2008

sweet success

that is such a lame title, but we did it. no sugary sweets for a month. last Thursday opened the door back up to treats and things and i've had a few delicious baked goods since then. but i have to say it was a very good experience. it turned out to be easier than i'd thought and it has helped curb my predictable desire for something sweet to eat. i don't need or even feel like a treat after every meal any more. so i'd say it was a successful experiment and i'd recommend it to a friend.

p.s. i should confess i had a Fruity Cheerio here and there and once, after i had made a peanut butter and honey sandwich for Ash, i made one for myself... in my weakness.

22 April 2008

you, live in concert

if you could sing five songs to an adoring good-sized crowd with super sound, lights, and atmosphere what would they be? yes, you sound like you - only you know you'll hit all the right notes and you'll have whatever backup musicians/vocals you need.

here are mine:
1. Why? - Andrew Bird
2. Somebody to Love - Queen
3. Hard Road to Travel - Jimmy Cliff
4. Betting On Trains - Hem
5. Mushaboom - Fiest

feel free to post 'em (but not Postum) here or on your own blog.

17 April 2008

Willy Krueger and the Chocolate Factory

i finally got our 2008 Johnson Film Fest entry up on YouTube. it's now available for everyone's enjoyment! spread the word... and the love.

15 April 2008

the family that's sick together, sticks together

we must have made the gods angry something fierce.

Wednesday: English starts feeling a little sick, coming down with a cold?
Saturday: English still feels lousy. Ash has a pretty hot little head - a temperature of 103° - and is diagnosed with type A influenza. i get the chills and start feeling feverish. dreaded repetitive fever dreams plague the night.
Sunday: all three of us slog around the house moaning, coughing, whimpering, etc. (Ash's 17.5 pounds of sweet baby pie is so much heavier when i'm sick).
Monday: sore throat, chills, stuffy nose, coughing up junk... and it's 80° outside! more moping.
today: i'm feeling pretty much the same as yesterday. poor Ash has a mean cough (although it compels her to make the cutest little monster noises). English is on the mend.

sad, sad. i know. this is the first time we've all been sick at the same time and it's made for a few very rough days. my heart goes out to all the moms everywhere who have dealt with such miserable times. at least now i feel good enough to blog about my woes... that's got to count for something. and Ash has found a new place for hanging out: the computer desk.

11 April 2008

the things that helped us through Y2K

remember all the fuss about Y2K? computers turning into scrambled eggs, airplanes refusing to take off, and DeLoreans covered in a sheet of ice showing up all over the world? remember how there were Y2K versions of everyday products, like Twinkies? the Twinkies box was all silvery-metallic with hot pink and pthalo blue swirls and maybe even a space motif (or maybe i just thought of space when i saw it). i think the marketing team was trying to help people envision the future (the unknown) with Twinkies (the well-known) and reassure us that we'd still have sweet, golden, cream-filled cakes, even if things didn't work out.

09 April 2008

My Review of Extra Large Case - Size 2-3

i just ordered a bunch of diapers from Diapers.com - a first for me - since Ash's size isn't sold here in Eph (go figure). i decided to post a review of these dipes because the thought of reviewing diapers made me laugh. then after i posted the review the website gave me the option of posting my review directly to my blog. that made me laugh even more... so i did it.

Originally submitted at Diapers.com

Best diapers, hands down!

By kel from Sanpete, UT on 4/9/2008

Pros: Adjustable Fit, Snug Fit, Soft, Highly Absorbent, Good Value
Best Uses: Infants, Toddlers, Newborn, Preemies
5out of 5

Describe Yourself: First Time Parent

Pampers Swadlers truly are the best disposable diapers around and worth every penny. We've been using them from day one and for over a year now. We've used other diapers every now and then in a pinch and we're never satisfied. No leaks, keeps skin dry, soft and comfy feel and fit. Obviously we're huge fans.

05 April 2008

house sitting: pros and cons

we were house sitting for our friends in Spring City last week while they were on a river trip down south. it's funny how house sitting is both a vacation and a job.

sweet hot tub
big screen TV (and the planet earth lent to us by jo)
walls filled with wonderful original art
lovely solarium/dining room/reading room
walks around town
lots of dogs, chickens, horses, geese, etc. for Ash to see
a little extra space for pals to come visit

not being able to find the right size pot or a bread knife
Ernie dog missing Lee like crazy and chewing up his dog bed
and the Dixon's dog bed
and the weed barrier tarps
and the porch curtains
and escaping a number of times

so it was pretty much just the dogs. but then again i can't say i never rebelled against the baby sitter either.

Ash - post nap, waking up slow in the solarium.