31 October 2006

Happy Halloween at 18 weeks

second year in a row winning best overall at the pumpkin carving contest & wassail party. i can't help but feel proud.

we'll let you know if it's a boy or a girl next week.

26 October 2006

elevated plastic

at 2:00 pm on September 27th the art faculty at Snow started our collaborative project called Twenty-Four Seven. we had 24 hours to start, work on and finish an original work (or works) then hang and light the show in time for an opening reception at 5:00 pm on the 28th. the show was then up for seven days.

i'm exploring plastics. see, these are the first paintings i've done in acrylic (the switch from oils was much more emotional than i thought) but i found i don't dislike acrylics as i thought i would. indeed they act differently and i was nervous having my first experience with them be a public one but it ended up a fortunate event.

24 October 2006

free monster poster on the back!

true, Christmas comes but once a year but please don't forget Halloween and Thanksgiving. i'm guessing that most businesses around here - including Wal*Mart - bought defective calendars (no October or November) from Wal*Mart. if they kept their receipt they should take it back and get a refund. as the saying goes... thirty days hath September and Halloween is October 31st. don't forget it!
p.s. i hope i didn't scare too many of you away with my interest in science (see post below). i must be some kind of jerk.

06 October 2006

down the rabbit hole

Wednesday night English & i had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Steven Jones (the BYU Physics professor who has recently published a paper questioning the 9/11 report) talk about demolitions and metal slag. i admit, after hearing Jones on Radio West i thought he might be a kook. but after meeting him in person, he's one of the normalest 'brothers' around. not to mention, the science he's talking about is very compeling.

if you're interested, there's a 90 minute video that presents this information. it takes a little while to load and some of it's kind of dramatic - to appeal to most tv viewers - but i think it's worth watching if you have the time. i don't know anything about motives or who would do it but there are some pretty compelling facts here; the towers coming down at freefall speeds, molten metal still pooling at ground zero for several weeks after the collapse, and WTC Building 7 coming down hours later for no reason.

no, i'm not nuts. no, i'm not jumping on the hysterics bandwagon. i'm completely serious and that's what's wierd.