26 September 2013

it's a beautiful day

in the neighborhood...

Tom and i have been watching Mister Rogers these days and more than one episode has left a strong impression on Tom. the other day he asked me for a string with the ends tied together. then he asked me for a pan with water and detergent. then a little more detergent. sure, sure i thought. the next thing i know, he's making giant bubbles on the deck!

a few days later after watching an episode where Fred goes to an art center and learns from the potter that four- and five-year olds can throw on a wheel, Tom said, "Mom! I'm four and four-year olds can throw on the wheel! When can I throw?" he's a natural.

03 September 2013

school: it begins

Ash is all geared up for first grade and Tom is ready, set, go! for preschool. Have a stellar year little kiddos!