12 November 2013

coming up on six weeks

it's a wonderful time...

02 November 2013

trick-or-treating is for the dusk

last year i was astonished to have a steady stream of trick-or-treaters starting before 4pm. this year we posted the sign above on our door. i know it's kind of Scrooge-like in a Halloween sort of way but how are you supposed to make and eat dinner, get in costumes, take a few photos all while answering the door every 5-10 minutes? you can't. so the sign worked and i've saved it for next year.

English's Johnny Depp-Tonto costume was made from nighthawk wings and a gopher snake skin he found while out running. (Ash went with Dad as a cowgirl to a "gender-bender" costume/drag event at the College.)

Finn sported his jack-o-lantern shirt and candy corn socks. Tom was a skeleton cowboy (the mask was his idea and he helped me make it) and Ash was a sparkling angel, which she loved!

last year, this year

18 October 2013

meet Finn

an introduction...

Finn Ovid Brooks, born Friday, October 4, 2013.

26 September 2013

it's a beautiful day

in the neighborhood...

Tom and i have been watching Mister Rogers these days and more than one episode has left a strong impression on Tom. the other day he asked me for a string with the ends tied together. then he asked me for a pan with water and detergent. then a little more detergent. sure, sure i thought. the next thing i know, he's making giant bubbles on the deck!

a few days later after watching an episode where Fred goes to an art center and learns from the potter that four- and five-year olds can throw on a wheel, Tom said, "Mom! I'm four and four-year olds can throw on the wheel! When can I throw?" he's a natural.

03 September 2013

school: it begins

Ash is all geared up for first grade and Tom is ready, set, go! for preschool. Have a stellar year little kiddos!

25 August 2013

images of summer

Lower Calf Creek Falls, giant cottonwood, Capitol Reef, Newport Beach, swallowtail butterfly, ice cream sandwiches, first horse ride, Capitol Reef, Fairview swing

05 April 2013

creative creatures

last night i spoke for the Art Talks series at Snow. it was a great opportunity to reflect and think about who i am as an artist, what i know, what i believe, and what i do with my work. a lot of the talk ended up being about education and i talked about Ash and Tom's work more than once.

12 February 2013

warm me up, red rock

a few days in Moab is a perfect February trip. could have been a few degrees warmer though.

05 January 2013

window of opportunity

i never imagined i would be heading back to Costa Rica so soon. yet, the timing and smokin' hot deal on airfare couldn't have worked out better. this time around the kiddos were even more suited for adventure (and remembering those adventures) and we had an incredible trip!

cold coconut juice / plaza centro in La Fortuna / hanging bridge / foggy windows in Santa Elena /  views from the Observatory Lodge / old fig tree / little cow at Tierra Viva / sunset at Esterillos / walking to town in Alajuela