30 March 2010

3 is a magic number

yes it is. and though it sounds cliché, i can't believe she's three already. i love this little kid. she's my best girl in the whole world. and she really knows how to enjoy a party!

happy birthday, Ash!

23 March 2010

ah, Yosemite

there are few things more stunning than a massive solid granite rock formation. one of those few things is a massive solid granite rock formation with an incredible 2000+ foot waterfall cascading over its edge.

our spring break excursion to Yosemite with g'pa Rem was awesome (thanks!), Dramamine drowsiness and all (note: the less-drowsy formula does not mean non-drowsy formula).

example of an Ahwahneechee dwelling | hike up the Mist Trail

Tom enjoying the ride | Merced River with Bridalveil Falls

cooling off those feet | gardens at the Mariopsa Lodge

we're excited to go back again soon and see more of the park. oh, and i highly recommend staying at the Mariposa Lodge and the Pizza Factory in town is superb.

12 March 2010

just around the corner

remember the Frog and Toad story about spring being just around the corner? Frog goes out to find the right corner to look around so he can find spring. i think about that story every other day as we go from 55° and sunny to 31° and snow granules. i know it's out there... just around the corner... in the meantime these spectacular daffodils keep us steady. such beauty and color!

it also helps that we have received three packages this week (so much birthday and Easter fun in the air) - thanks! the last of the three was from our dear friend back in Sanpete. inside was a super soft, hand knit item for each of us that is perfect in this weather. the kids sported theirs right away.

and so, we look forward to the calmer side of March with a nine-year anniversary and a three-year-old birthday to enjoy between now and then. those are a couple of great corners to come around.

11 March 2010

55 years later, it's still great

when was the last time you watched Albert Lamorisse's The Red Balloon? up until 7:00 pm this evening it had been a good twenty-three years or so for me. but i just watched it with Ash and it's even better than i remembered. true, one of the reasons i liked it more was because i was watching it with my little Ash who really got into the story, asked several questions, and laughed every time anyone chased in vain after the balloon. but i also liked it more this time because i'm not seven years old and fixated on the part when those jerks stomp on his red balloon, forgetting all of the other great stuff. i guess that kind of thing happens when you're seven.

so check it out. there is a good reason it won so many awards back in 1956.

04 March 2010

the breakfast of champions

a while ago my sister posted on the painfully forced recipes found on the side panels of some (mostly no name brand) cereal boxes. and it's true. no one wants a dessert bar made of frosted mini wheats or a plate of Crunchy Peanut Chocolate drops.

but the box of store brand cereal i bought on Monday takes it up a notch. no, ten notches. oh, where to begin? please click on the image and take a closer look.

... or just use a pair of old pantyhose after you've properly exercised.

only 2 UPC symbols, folks. how many of these do you think will ship from the warehouse?