20 November 2008

2008 or 1978?

November is prostate cancer awareness month. for a five days English wore a mustache to show his support. good man, seventies mustache.

13 November 2008

back to back shows or art on demand

last Thursday at 9:00 am the Art faculty started our second 24/7 show at Snow. the opening reception was Friday evening and quite a success with several big cheeses in attendance (not to mention several small cubed cheeses on the refreshments table). here's the card i designed for it.

for my piece i worked on a new dimension of the Movement Studies: patterns of movement in our domestic space (a.k.a. our kitchen and front room). the square represents the room itself and each colored line records the movement patterns of Ash, English or me within that room. i included a double-time video of the all the segments from which the drawings were made. it was a great show and i'm excited about this new work!

then this week i've been painting like a fiendish mom for the Manti Temple show at the Central Utah Art Center. the show is made up of a wide variety of Manti temple images by local artists. i just finished my painting today and the opening is... tomorrow evening!

while i was finishing it over the last few days Ash did a little painting herself. nice work, Ash! natural talent. but i just wasted my time making this photo all kitsch with the color on black and white. i'm such a nerd. look how serious this artist is.

i think i'll hang this up on my dorm, uh... i mean fridge (next to the hanging-upside-down-bouquet of dried roses).

03 November 2008

Halloween 2008 report

we finally had a swell Halloween after several years of rather underwhelming evenings (dressing up with no place to go... or worse, dressing up with only IHOP to go). this year, we were a ghost family: Ash was the cute ghost, English was the hobo ghost, and i was the pregnant ghost complete with baby ghost growing inside. after seeing the photos i noticed that my headpiece was quite reminiscent of a scuba diving nun, which isn't a bad thing necessarily with the whole pregnant nun joke and all, but still it wasn't really the look i was going for.

fortunately Ash stole the show wherever we went wishing folks a happy 'Hoween' and saying 'boo!' our scones turned out great, a Halloween tradition to be sure, and we still have a little stash o' leftover candy in the cupboard.