19 November 2010

paint the house

about a month ago i asked our landlord to teach me karate. i just got so tired of people pushing me around, busting up my bike and stuff. anyway, the morning we were to begin training we met on my driveway. he handed me a paint brush and said, "paint the house. side-side." i was so ticked! i thought he was going to teach me karate. crazy old man!

the front: before and after

the back: before and after - and yes, i painted the sides of the house too.

fortunately Ash helped me out with the back - my forearms and wrists were killing me. as we were painting we decided to abandon the karate idea and go in together as luchadores. i think it's a sound decision.

and so, after about a month (with a total of 10 or so working days spread throughout) listening to several hours of This American Life, Radio Lab, and Radio West podcasts, which i really enjoyed, it's done... and just in time for snow to fly.

p.s. please say it's an improvement, even if you don't agree.

14 November 2010

glow stick patterns

two kids + glow sticks + crazy tunes + no lights + 20 second exposure =

12 November 2010

it's starting to get night time

a couple days ago as Ash, Tom and I were driving home (around 4:30pm) from running some errands Ash said, "Mom! it's getting dark too fast! it's too late." Ash, you are exactly right. i really like daylight savings. Arizona has the right idea.

02 November 2010


it happens once every five or six years... two days of Halloween fun. hope y'all had a sweet one.

to the trees! (remember that line from Robin Hood, Price of Thieves? | robbing the rich

jack-o-lanterns + sugar skulls (Ash's idea to have the winking one - she's learning how to wink)

Tom goes for a mouthful of M&Ms | Ash savors the Smarties