26 February 2009

Snappy Tom

just in case you didn't hear...

Thomas Serrano Brooks was born Monday, February 16, 2009.

11 February 2009

test drive

Ash tried out the cradle for baby brother. she wanted to make sure it passed the comfy test along with scores of quality assurance tests to determine if we're in compliance. she says it's good to go (which comes as no surprise since G'pa Kent made it). that settles it baby brother... we're ready when you are.

03 February 2009

understanding your craving for a treat

a new study* has shown that when you try to satisfy your craving for a specific treat with a lesser treat you will fail and be disappointed. so, if you are craving chocolate chip cookies, rather than eating a bowl of mini marshmallows or even worse, a piece of hard candy, make the chocolate chip cookies. oh, and thinking that a hand full of chocolate chips will do the trick just adds insult to injury.

*i have been working on this study for quite some time but haven't received the funding to make it legit: set up a control group, record data... things like that. so it's not official yet but it might as well be.