30 June 2010

raging teenage hormones

last night i went with some of my fiends... uh, i mean, friends to see the 12:15 showing of Eclipse (fortunately they still love and accept me even though i haven't read the books). today i have a painful zit in my philtrum (that nice little groove between my nose and upper lip).

can't deny it. that's one powerful movie.

full of action, sweet special effects, and some really great one-liners.

28 June 2010

woah! Pyramind Lake!

Pyramid Lake is like Lake Tahoe's red neck cousin and we really like it. English camped there when he came to check out UNR for the first time, we strolled along the lake's windy shores last Thanksgiving, and several of our native Nevadan friends have told us some pretty great (creepy) legends about the lake.

well last weekend we took our first summer venture to the lake and it was beautiful. as we crested the hill and the lake came into view Ash and Tom started yelling, "whoa! Pyramid Lake! whoa!" of course i had to join them. we took a dirt side road into Dago Bay and as we were driving in (at about 30 mph) i noticed a small creature high-tailing it right in front of us and keeping up with our truck. turns out it was a zebra-tailed lizard. these fiends can run five meters per second and at their fastest they become bipedal. certainly, the fastest lizard i've ever seen. we also saw a ladybug moving at a regular pace.

zebra-tailed lizard pic courtesy Wikipedia (i couldn't ever get close enough with my own camera)

20 June 2010

ka-boom! ka-bam!

yep. it's been a while.

so what do you do when you find out that your computer has crashed? (and the hard drive is inaccessible. gone.) and you get the news that the price of the repair on your car is more than what the car is worth? all in one day?

a. laugh out loud.
b. feel that sudden pang of loss and get disoriented walking away from the "Genius Bar" at the Apple store (they were very nice and helpful despite the end result).
c. curse the car.
d. feel that punch to the kidney from the price of a new computer + software, yes.
e. sulk.
f. go over your options again and again.
g. all of the above

answer: g

yeah. so we lost all of our photos. i'm tellin' ya, i saw it coming. fortunately i've been printing off the last five years of our digital library since January. i had one last batch (March 09 - December 09) that didn't make it. luckily i do have some of those on Picasa. but our little videos... gone. like i said, pang of loss. okay, i'm starting to get a little sad so i'll move on.

we're trying to keep in in perspective though because, well, there is still a lot of good stuff going on. heck, it's summer! we did have a lot of our stuff on an external hard drive. our new computer is really slick and we have a mega-external hard drive to back everything up now. the F-150 is still running so we're not stranded (although English usually ends up being the thing-in-the-back. thanks, love). we went camping up at beautiful Eagle Lake the day after the aforementioned, double-whammy day, which kept us from getting stuck in a funk. and the inflatable pool is out for its second summer. who doesn't like to swim in a pool with colorful fishes? sign me up for the season pass... it's free!