24 July 2011

3 lovelies that caught my eye

on a hike up Hunter Creek this week.

04 July 2011

the Black Rock Desert (an overnighter)

two hours northwest of Reno lies the Black Rock Desert. in the center of everything is a dry, flat lake bed larger than Lake Tahoe. it's home to land speed records, amateur rocket launches, and the infamous Burning Man event.

it also happens to be a great desert camping spot (bring lots of water). we arrived just before dusk. it was just cooling off and the light was phenomenal.

we parked the car on the outskirts of the playa near some dirt mounds. they were just the thing for exploring and playing. we also checked out the railroad tracks nearby.

the night was still, calm, and sublime with a huge sky filled with countless stars and a beautiful view of the Milky Way. Ash and Tom were thrilled looking for satellites and shooting stars. plus, we heard Tom laugh a genuine laugh in his sleep. the weather was perfect.

in the morning we chilled until the temperature started rising then we took off. we stoped to check out Guru Road, a little side stop with a bunch of sayings carved on rocks. most of them were pretty dorky but Tom found a happy one.

several times during the quick trip Ash said, "i like this place!" and we all agreed.