20 June 2009


can you tell they are related?

Ash, May 2007 | Thomas, May 2009

p.s. happy Father's Day

15 June 2009

things i will miss about Sanpete County

folks, but that goes without saying
cheap rent
big garden spot
no traffic
close proximity to everything in town
Juve's tacos
my morning walk route
sunset in the spring (any day)
seeing lots of stars at night
the Pizza Gallery
people out enjoying their yards/neighborhoods
raw milk, grass-fed beef
rodeo & demolition derby
teaching at Snow
the CUAC
Skyline drive
trusted mechanics
views of Mt. Nebo
acres of juniper
testimonies about 'Pageant'
Sanpete BBQ
oolite limestone buildings
grammar, syntax and pronunciation idiosyncrasies (i.e. we was down to the Heriteege Festival with some folks from the wahrd.)
...to mention a few.

Ash with Count Von Count, spring, front yard, Ephraim

05 June 2009

summer in the suburbs

it's BBQ season and we're up in SLC for two months. May was prepare-to-move month among other things. we made millions at our Memorial Day weekend yard sale despite rain and the competing Swedish meatballs at the Heritage Festival. then within 48 hours Thomas and i were on a plane (Thomas sleeping on my shoulder and me watching Tom Cruise ooze testosterone on the jet fighter classic, Top Gun). we were off to the D.C. area to help my sister Ash and Jess and their brand spankin' new Oliver. it was great to be with the new little fam. Thomas lived a life of luxury sleeping in the hotel king sized bed and the two cousins enjoyed each others company.

mean while back home English and Ash packed up the remainder of our house and moved up north. needless to say it was a whirlwind week for all of us. when i got back to Utah i came home to Cottonwood Heights, home of my childhood. i never had the chance to say a proper good-bye to Ephraim so i plan on going back one more time.

it's been good though. we've already been to a couple summer parties and i took Ash to the aquarium yesterday. this will be a nice little stepping stone to Reno. i'll do a better job keeping you posted.