18 March 2009

home court advantage

i've never been any good at basketball. as a teen i played on a semi-regular basis for our church's young women's team. i thought about playing well but in basketball the thought doesn't count for anything (unless you think to practice a lot and even then you may never improve your skills). my sister and i were reminiscing about those days of playing in our jean shorts, Keds, and the team-issued pastel t-shirt. go Brighton 7th Ward!

these days, however, i'm beginning to wonder if my lack of talent had more to do with awkward adolescence and less with real skill. see, i've got a box on my back porch where i toss dirty diapers (think diaper Genie but outside, cardboard and box-shaped). it's a pretty good solution to our 12+ diaper changes per day routine. no stink inside, one daily trip to the trash can, and no diaper pale to clean/air out. but what does that have to do with basketball? like i said, i toss the old diapers into the box from the back door and i get it in nine times out of ten... even left handed! that's pretty awesome, especially for someone who has been a homebody for the last four weeks (spring can't come soon enough, eh?).

but not as awesome as these two babe-a-pies. here Ash is reading The Amazing Bone, one of her faves, to Thomas and from the looks of things these are good times.