22 October 2007

toothbrushes for Halloween - don't knock it

this year as we were brainstorming for pumpkin carving ideas we suddenly had the notion to carve my older brother's face into our awesome home-grown pumpkin. for obvious reasons it made both English and i laugh the whole way home. so here it is: the dentist of light...
third year for 'best over all' at the annual Pumpkin Carving and Wassail Party.

and here's a photo of my brother to reference (so you can tell that it's him and not Obama or someone else). he also hands out toothbrushes for Halloween like my Dad has for as many years as i can remember.

13 October 2007

the skeleton dance

until last week i hadn't seen this for 20 years. my dance teacher used to show it to us each Halloween. i love it (and i love YouTube for having it). man, Disney used to be so awesome!

08 October 2007

so long

a couple months ago i started a post describing our saga with the new landlady at our old place - after all it was quite a story - that i planned on publishing after we got our deposit back. but after the major blowout i deleted the post in an effort to eliminate any remnant of her from myself. it was a good idea, very therapeutic. however, i still feel the need to tell the story though. i don't know... call it what you will but there's a need. so the following isn't the original post. in fact, it's a link to something English wrote a few nights ago (i did ask his permission) but it sums things up nicely... and the photos help too.

teenwolf exodus blues

04 October 2007

comfort food

Comfort food is typically inexpensive, uncomplicated, and easy to prepare. - courtesy Wikipedia

my comfort food is peanut butter and honey toast... preferably on Great Harvest honey whole wheat. of course i eat it on a regular basis but it was one of the only things i actually wanted to eat while suffering from postpartum depression and whether knowingly or not, i have it when i've had an exceptionally tough day... like yesterday (major blow out with the old landlady). peanut butter and honey toast truly is comforting.

what's your comfort food?