20 October 2010

standing up to the test of time

what is your oldest article of clothing that you still wear on a regular basis?

i bought this shirt at the Salt Lake Greek Festival in 1996. i love this shirt and i still wear it - perfect for those summer months.

this photo was taken in May of 1997
young and in love - that hasn't changed much either

the runner-up is this orange fleece purchased in 2000, pictured here in 2008 at the Krishna Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork (look at little Asha). i wore this fleece a couple weeks ago. love that bright orange.

i also have a couple t-shirts, some button-downs, and a handful of sweaters (several of which are hand-knit by my G'ma Jones) at least a decade old but i can't say i wear them on a regular basis. and yet i don't plan on letting them go. they'll get another chance, if not two or three.

so now, what's your oldest article of clothing that you still wear on a regular basis?

13 October 2010

burning the midnight oil

last night while English worked on a midterm i stayed up way too late making these felted wool slippers for Ash. aren't they great? way better than any midterm.

lately Ash has been squeezing into last year's pair to do her slip-slide-spin dance moves and you know it's kind of cramping her style. plus, it's getting chilly around here and when you have no carpet in your house, like us, you need some good slippers. so yesterday evening i did a little research and decided to combine this idea from Martha plus this pattern (pattern II) i found for free. i was pretty excited to try it out. see, i was given a new sewing machine for my birthday (it's so quiet and smooth) and luckily i still had an old yellow ocher (my favorite color) sweater that i accidentally felted and could never part with (the perfect material to work with) and what do you know? my idea actually worked, Ash digs the slippers, i finally got to use my felted sweater, and this new sewing machine is awesome. while i could be better rested, i couldn't be more pleased. ding! (sparkle).

11 October 2010

like the Love Boat

hi all. just thought i'd post about my new and improved website here. i'm quite excited about it because it's pretty much everything i want and would have designed in a custom site and it's powered by Blogger, which means it'll be so incredibly easy to update! so now i'll really have to be good about making new work and publishing it. exciting! feel free to drop by and take a look. any feedback is greatly appreciated.

p.s. the old site is still up, but won't be for long. so if you were really in love with it, this is your chance to say your good-byes.

p.p.s. do you have the Love Boat song in your head now? bah-ha-ha-ha!

04 October 2010

how 'bout them apples?

ah, the fall. it's arrived. we had a beautiful Indian Summer but i'll admit the 93 degree days during the last week of September were a little, shall we say, much. but now, now it's cider weather. harvest weather. sweater weather. doughnut weather. yes!

we made these beauties to compliment fall conference. care for the recipe? visit the agreeable recipe book.

with fall came the rains... consistent rains for three days now. the last time i was in this much rain was two years ago in La Fortuna, Costa Rica. but we are soaking it up like desert dwellers. however, we did decide to harvest our pumpkins to avoid "the rot".

we got a good variety this year - even one white pumpkin. it was a great surprise.

and today we decided to visit Apple Hill (just over the mountains and down the winding road) with our pals. the last time i went apple picking was at U-Pick Phil's Apples in Massachusetts exactly 10 years ago.

Ash double-fisting her apple cider doughnut (heaven!) | lift, twist, pluck the golden delicious

Tom badgers the scarecrow | classic kids-on-the-rusted-out-machinery-on-the-farm photo

for more apple-picking fun, check out Mr. T picking apples with Conan O'Brien.