19 February 2011

hail the conquering heros

Ash and Tom are now thumb-free! four weeks ago we had a pep talk, painted a little Mavala Stop (the harmless, yet effective thumb-sucking prevention nail polish, made in Switzerland) on each of their thumbs, and hoped for the best.

the first few days were a bit rocky. Tom gagged (and then threw up) in Costco on day one but we were in no way defeated... just a little stinky and sour on the way home. Ash woke up with "the bitter!" taste in her mouth for three or four nights but we stayed strong. both kids even got nasty colds - with fevers to boot - and they still made it through.

i think they had a handle on it after only a week but we kept the bitter polish on for three whole weeks just to be sure. and now, here we are! no more thumbs and two happy kids. we celebrated with some swirl-your-own frozen yogurt. good work kiddos.