20 August 2009

101° weather brings out the white trash in all of us

the other half of the back yard is grass, i swear.

18 August 2009

Reno, honey

we made it! we're settling in and getting to know this area. it's a great little city and we're excited to explore. so far we've taken a couple trips to different spots on the Truckee river, English and Ash have run up to the R on the hill side, and tonight i'm going to Swenson's with the R.S. for 'the best ice cream around.' exciting times are ahead!

oh, and one of these days we'll hit the buffets.

p.s. does anyone know what must be sacrificed to the sleep gods in order to get a 2.5 year and 6 month old to sleep well for two (or, please bless us, several) consecutive nights?