18 April 2007

the meaning of change

besides being asked if we were having a boy or a girl the second most common exchange we heard while i was pregnant was, 'your lives are going to change.'

of course i was aware of this... heck, i read scores of pages to study up on and prepare for this change. i knew that a full night's sleep was on the endangered species list three months into the whole gig and realized that it too would go the way of the dodo. i could see that picking up and leaving in a moment's notice wasn't going to be possible. i was well aware that my priorities were going to shift dramatically. i understood that my time, energy and body were not going to be mine (i've typed most of this with one hand so far).

but in actuality i did not understand any of it.

the meaning of change can only sink in so much when you're not there yet - when you haven't experienced it first hand. and so it was with me. i knew there would be change, but i could not comprehend it.

now i'm coming to understand bit by bit, day by day... sometimes hour by hour. and amazingly it's all okay and completely worth it because of this little bug.

13 April 2007


just in case you didn't know...

Ash Khalil Brooks was born Thursday, March 22, 2007.

she is the best girl ever.