06 December 2010

get 'em while you can, folks

for you dark chocolate lovers out there...

i've seen these at the dollar store - but not the grocery store - perhaps you'll have better luck. snatch them up while supplies last. (indeed, i've gotten a few for myself already).

01 December 2010

that's what i should have said!

today at the grocery store a friendly fellow shopper started interacting with Ash and Tom. he said something typical like" how much you pay for 'em?" and stuff like that. then he asked their names and when Ash said hers he said, "Ash, for Ashley?"

Ash is already used to this question and she promptly responded, "just Ash." At that point the guy looked at me and said, "Ash? what a terrible name."

seriously? are you a social idiot or just a jerk (or both)?

i gave a shocked laugh and replied, "what a terrible thing to say. her name is Ash and we happen like it."

"so is it Ash for Ashley?"

"no. just Ash. like the beautiful tree." by now i'm annoyed and done.

then he says, quite genuinely concerned, "but what if some one mispronounces her name and says Ass? that wouldn't be good."

"yep." we start walking away a the guy says to Tom, "don't suck your thumb, it'll make your teeth poke out."

"he's going to be fine." (yeah, definitely both.)

now, i like people in general and i'm used to playing the whole game where the random person interacts with my kids at the store and i stand by as the omniscient narrator. but this guy pushed it too far. so at what point do you say, "alright, well that's enough" or "all done" or "yeah, don't talk to us anymore"? in hindsight it seems like it should have been said early on. i hate that.

oh, yeah! and Merry Christmas everyone!