15 December 2008

a Christmas tree story

once upon a time Mom and Dad took Ash out to the Ranch to cut a little Christmas tree to take home and decorate. at first Ash thought it was a lame idea. after all, she really didn't know how exciting Christmas trees were.

however, it didn't take long before she stumbled upon an old ant hill, which changed her disposition rather quickly. ant hills have so much possibility!

the method of entertainment was rather simple yet so rewarding: dip mitten hands in ant hill, dust debris off on legs, repeat.

Ash realized how much fun cutting a Christmas tree can be and promised not to complain about her Mom and Dad's so-called lame ideas without trying them out first.

once at home, decorating the tree was another story. it was action packed and involved tiny lights and cool little Ash-sized things to hang up. not to mention all the Juniper berries to be picked off.

when it got dark and all the lights were shining, Ash smiled big and danced around. she named all of the ornaments and picked some more Juniper berries. what a good idea!

12 December 2008

well, heck. would you look at that?

more graphic design with super-short deadlines, hence my absence from cheese on rye. this time, however, i set some boundaries and i was able to manage it much better than last time. here's the inside page of the 11" x 17" bi-fold.

everyone in the Brooks household is happy to know it should be only post cards for a while.