29 September 2010

what would you do if a clown had a crush on you?

we've been watching this little number for a couple of years now and well, we still can't get enough. no questions, just watch.

21 September 2010

so, these are cute

if you have baby girl feet in your life, momo baby footwear. the baby boy shoes are really cute too... but these are just, well the cutest shoes i've see for a while. so cute i couldn't help but post them.

17 September 2010

did you say Gragle or Grey Eagle?

well, it's Graeagle but some folks say Gragle, namely the young women in this here ward. we had some swell times on our High Adventure, which is perhaps a misnomer but all the alternative names we thought of were pretty dorky. i know, i know, you'd never expect dorky from a group like this but you win some, lose some. so we're keeping High Adventure. deal.

the chilly cold pool | "Big Booty" with a dance circle addition. who thought that up?

Big Bear Lake

overlooking Long Lake and feeling mighty chipper

Ash spots duckies at Salmon Lake | group rock jumping: for the brave only

03 September 2010

some recent graphic design work

this is a hit with everyone in my home-office. i'm getting great feedback.

see, this time of year i think we're all a bit tired of hot dogs and burgers... and that's coming from a genuine hot dog fan. so we decided on a baked potato bar. yeah, just like middle school, baby.

but you know i must be experiencing graphic design withdrawal when i take it upon myself to design a flier (that really only needed to be a map) for our upcoming activity. but hey, that's why they pay me the big bucks. what? you don't get paid for doing your calling? what church are you going to?