29 July 2010

Robin Hood & Little John walking through the forest

when i was a kid my favorite Disney movie was Robin Hood. it still is to this day. so it's easy for me to let Ash indulge. yesterday she was talking about how her fox, who is called Robin these days, needed some clothes. so we made some... quickly... in about 30 minutes (don't ask to inspect my sewing. a C+ at best). we happened to have as stash of green corduroy and some felt and we used the DVD case as our example. Ash kept pointing out the necessary details. i tried to get away with a belt that tied but Ash would have none of it. "look, he's got a buckle, Mom." right you are, Ash!

also, (drum roll) i must take this opportunity to announce that Tom is officially walking. that's bipedal, folks. two weeks ago he decided walking was worth it he had no trouble balancing, turning, side-stepping, etc. he was totally holding out on us. but now he's a walking fiend. he looks so much bigger now that he's standing up a lot of the time (and the summer hair cut adds to that too). i love watching him get a kick out of walking for the sake of walking. what lovely kids.

19 July 2010

all is well

Pioneer Trek comes but once every four years. do you have your bonnet sewn?

hey, i'm not joking. this is serious stuff. just look at my face, not to mention Ash's face. get with the program. Tom, knock it off. are you a pioneer or not?

05 July 2010


thanks to a generous computer EMT pal of ours the contents of our old hard drive were rescued and restored to us (thank you ever so much)! it may seem silly but on that fateful day when i was told our old computer had crashed i felt like someone had died. it was a rather unsettling way to realize how attached i am to the photos and videos that document my life and that of my family. i'm telling you - get your computer backed up, my friends.

so now that we're complete again i can post a few photos from our San Fransisco trip that we took a month ago. (the post that so sadly got replaced by the double-whammy day). here, at last...

happy with sourdough | Chinatown market

Alcatraz in the distance | demonstrating tall in Muir Woods

hey there, photos... it's so good to have you back!