23 May 2010

specs and trim

you know that dreaded time when your car has one too many problems and you've spent a few too many dollars for the most recent repair and then the windshield wipers go on the fritz and well, you start dreaming of a new car even though you are very far away from purchasing one? that's me. and now that Hyundai* makes a crossover comparable to the Honda CR-V i find myself daydreaming about plenty of space and great gas mileage at an affordable price (in graphite grey)... sigh.

"some day, Jennifer. some day."

*ever since we replaced our "little Elantra that could" for our current car with a/c after we had Ash, i have often thought how i would definitely buy another Hyundai. and now that this thing exists, there is no question.

07 May 2010

i still can't spell Albuquerque

i'll admit, it's a little unfair that while English was studying, reading, writing, grading, and so forth Ash, Tom and i flew off to Albuquerque for fun and adventure. but finals week(s) are tough on a guy and his family so heck, why not change it up? it turned out to be a very good idea - although we missed English a whole lot - and i dare say it was a major success. in fact i think we are all experiencing some withdrawal, which is amplified by the inevitable sleep deprivation. but it was so much fun for Ash and Tom to be with their cousins and i loved kickin' it with Linds.

at the aquarium | desert blooms

a very obliging (and photogenic) lizard | a stupendous jump-off-the-couch game

good ol' Tinkertown| a bristly caterpillar we found