27 March 2011

how to play "greasy corn"

kids go hide somewhere in the house.
mom calls out, "where's my greasy corn?"
mom searches for the greasy corn (kids).
mom finds a corn, scoops them up, slathers them with more butter, salt and pepper and eats the greasy corn while the greasy corn laughs wildly.
mom then throws the greasy corn in the oven (on the couch) to bake.

22 March 2011

"when i'm 4 i'm a big kid and i can do so many things 'cause i'm big"

you're spot on Ash. happy birthday to my best girl who loves pink, purple and blue, books, singing, using her imagination, and the Beatles.

fresh strawberry cupcakes with pink heart marshmallow strawberries (by the way, this cake was awesome... here is the recipe)

taking a spin and reading birthday books in the new princess dress Ash and i made (she is a fabulous assistant)

13 March 2011

ten years

"I'm so glad I found you, darling. Let's get married and we'll have a family, a family. Life is so wonderful."
- Mademoiselle, Joe Higgs

07 March 2011

fear of planes

i have a fear of planes. not flying, just planes. when i see an empty plane (especially an older one) just standing still (especially just on the side of the road for display) it really creeps me out. park a few together... even creepier. this doesn't really happen so much at the airport because most of those planes are in use. it's the big, heavy, metal shells that loom on the side of the road (like the ones parked in front of the Hill Air Force Base museum). those enormous bombers. ahhhh! the pointy fighter jets, yikes! but especially the really huge, heavy ones. so, so creepy.

01 March 2011


Happy 2nd Birthday to Tom! thanks for joining us on President's day two years ago, bubba. Cookie Monster cupcakes, by Tom's request...

and Happy Marriage T.R. & Ari! you guys are swell together.

and some Valentine tulips that i must share. i love them.