21 August 2012

first day

this girl is ready for the adventures of kindergarten! what and exciting time... have a great year, Ash!

13 August 2012


it couldn't have been a cleaner cut; glass cabinet, unfinished edge. it's such a strange moment when, as a parent you're looking at your little kid and you realize, "wow. that's a super deep cut. that's going to need stitches." it's almost slow motion. fortunately i was able to keep my cool so Ash didn't get scared. Ash was such a brave girl. the poky shots were the worst part but three stitches later she was okay. plus G'pa Rem happened to be in town when she was ready to have them out. how's that for lucky?

04 August 2012

pack 'em up and move 'em out

thanks for a great three years, Reno! here's a quick list of things we will most certainly miss:

pals, no dout
Truckee river
parks, parks, and more parks
Winco (i love you, Winco)
quail and jays in the backyard
Lake Tahoe (camping at Bliss S.P.)
peach tree
Peavine fields
hiroba, süp, blind onion (restaurants)
balloon festival
girls night dinners
sierra nevada
fresh, local (and i mean local) eggs
close proximity to so many cool places
Pyramid Lake
ease and convenience of the airport
a Target within a few minutes' drive
mild winters
CSA basket
co-op preschool
ARTown concerts
taking a new way home
... to mention a few.

packed up boxes make good seats / having some flan in the empty kitchen, using the step stool for a table / great pals / all of our belongings in the moving truck / sleeping on the air mattress / driving into Utah with the sunrise