30 December 2009

a Christmas pajamas story

i ordered some cozy warm pajamas for Ash and Tom from oldnavy.com on the first of December. when the 14th rolled around i double checked my email, rather bugged by the delay. i mean, sure it's the holidays but come on. amazon sent me my package in less than 48 hours. so i track my package on UPS and come to find out, the package was delivered, on the 11th, on the porch in... Ephraim. noooooooooo! curse that conveniently stored account information (and my failure to notice that important shipping address detail)!

so i call our old landlord who says he'll check with the couple college guys renting our old place to see if they've seen a package with my name on it. he calls back with a nope so i ask if i might call (and put on a little more pressure). Lance is nice enough but says he hasn't seen anything. hmmmm, that's funny because the ups tracking is pretty reliable. so he says he'll ask Cam, his brother. oh, he found it.

then i call my good Ephraimite friend who says she'll drop by to pick it up. thank you! and bring it up north when she comes up for the holiday. thank you, thank you! we miss our first window to meet up and transfer the package, but eventually, after a Sunday drive, the pajamas are in my hands, and later on those cute kids.

moral of the story: blanket sleepers with snaps are no good. zippers are worth the hassle.

02 December 2009

shall the youth of Zion falter?


this handout was in a stack of handouts i got at our auxiliary leadership meeting last month. it's awesome. any questions i had about being the new YW president have been answered. i feel confident and collected and kind of like Fashion Plates.

and here are some more great qualities...

now, a call for entries: more qualities of this great leader.