30 September 2008

once you pop...

in 1957 Ralph Crawford designed this toy. he is a genius. pure and simple.

we just got one at the D.I. (50¢ - i love D.I.) for Ash and she digs. but that's no surprise.

23 September 2008

that's a rather big slice of the pie

so i've been doing a lot of pregnancy and birth-related research lately and it was only a matter of time before some of the more interesting facts appeared on my blog (and probably will continue to pop up every now and again). i know it's not as exciting as photos of Ash or anecdotes about students, etc. but that doesn't necessarily mean you may not find it interesting yourself but enough with the disclaimer.

did you know that...
one in every four - closing in on three - births in the United States are cesarean?

doesn't that seem really high? yeah, it's crazy!

18 September 2008

eating corn

do you have a minute and twenty seconds?

15 September 2008

a man of mighty strength

last year English celebrated his 28th birthday by running 28 miles at 10,000 feet along the Skyline Drive. it was an impressive feat and one that could not be repeated. so this year he ran 30 miles - from the beginning of the Skyline Drive up Fairview Canyon to the top of Ephraim Canyon. it was an incredibly beautiful day and the whole operation was kink-free. Ash and i manned the support vehicle again and i have to say we rocked this time - even more than last year.

oh, right... but it was English who truly rocked. seriously, 30 miles... at 10,000 feet! that's crazy nuts awesome.

08 September 2008


last Wednesday my midwife rolled the Doppler around on my lower abdomen and we heard the sweet swoosh-swoosh-swoosh of a 16-week old baby. that is a wonderful sound.

and here's a photo of Ash eating beans and rice. she now has five teeth and is quite the dancer with several moves and stances. she likes to say, 'no, no, no, stop,' - especially to dogs across the street - and her version of 'want some more of that?' which sounds more or less like 'wanna-mo-mo-mo-dat?' she also likes to pick tomatoes of varying shades of ripeness and redness off the vine and eat them as the seeds go spurting out onto her chin and shirt. she is a wonderful girl.

01 September 2008

farewell sweet summer

happy birthday English.

happy Labor Day all.