31 October 2011

trick-or-treat, fools

this year Ash and Tom learned a Halloween song i used to sing as a kid:

"H, A, double L, O, W, double E, N spells Halloween!"

it's sung in a minor key and stuff so it's spooky. plus, it helps you know how to spell Halloween!

Ash showered her subjects with continuous pink, English had trouble with tribbles, and Tom pitied all of the fools.

p.s. thanks to modern technology, i can post about Halloween on December 19 and no one is the wiser... until i tell you, wah ha ha ha!

27 October 2011

N | M | A

it's been four weeks now, so i think it's time to post about this new big thing...

museum school director, and i'm diggin' it. of course there is so much to learn and i remind myself regularly that it's all about pacing - one thing at a time - but i can see a little glimmer of the future and it looks awesome.

huge thanks to my lovely little family who wholeheartedly support this new adventure. and you are right, Ash. it is so fun to work in an art museum!