26 September 2006

the cars crash - on purpose

remember that movie Down & Derby? neither do i. but earlier this month i did go to the first demolition derby ever in my life and it was the best seven bucks i've spent in a long time.

Manti, Utah is not known for its dining establishments or clothing stores but we have to ask ourselves, do those things really matter? what makes Manti the unique Central Utah town that it is, is the stuff it's citizens are made out of... for example: the Mormon Miracle Pageant, the True & Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days, the Yardley Inn, and of course the Sanpete County Fair.

true, the rides and roosters probably don't differ too much from those at the Utah State Fair or even the California State Fair. but just you wait little buddy... that announcer from the local radio station is going to bring you right back to Sanpete county (oh, and the beautiful back drop doesn't hurt either).
pay close attention to the Deseret Book ads this Sunday - prints are on sale for a good price.

this semester i try once a week to convince my students that there's more to movies than romance and explosions when i encourage them to come to (art) film night at Snow. but the fact of the matter is, everyone loves a good car crash and the derby just affirmed this fact. chewing on a hot dog with ketchup and mustard i stood on the bleachers and cheered and ahwed with everyone else as the ultimate bumper cars played out in front of me. and with each bash i was secretly hoping for a car to catch fire.

25 September 2006

who's the jerk?

mean people from all over the country have been hounding me to update my blog. update. update. update.

now i could take this really hard, throw in the towel and wax philosophical about how blogs are nothing more than a substitute for real human interaction never to blog again...


i could start updating my blog on a regular basis.

it's not like i didn't have ideas or something to say. it's just... i don't know. i think sometimes you can get blogged out or water blogged or blogger logged and it's hard to jump back on the speeding freeway of blogging. i simply got comfortable taking the back roads.

all that said, blogs are like friends: if you ignore them they'll start sending you mean emails with textual crusties. and who wants that? not me. so here are some Red Vines along with my apology. let's be friends again, eh?
p.s. i got one of the big tubs so everyone could share.