28 April 2012


Tom is in the nap/no nap transition. lately he skips it more often than not but there are some days when he just can't help it. this is true fatigue.

Ash is quite amused.

it hasn't taken long for him to master his G'pa Kent's snoozing technique: find a good spot on the couch, nestle in half sitting up, half reclining and... aaahhhh, zzzzzzz.

10 April 2012

on a Tuesday

this year our anniversary landed on a Tuesday, which is the day of the week we were married. we had the chance to celebrate 11 years in San Diego: a couple more Spanish missions, cacti, a great little bakery, and the beach... oh, and ice cream too.

thanks to Aunt Ash and Ollie for holding down the fort with Ash & Tom!