14 July 2007

that reminds me of a hymn

speaking of church... everyone has hymns that they like. ones that they look forward to singing with 'vigor and vim', to use a phrase from a primary song. i'd say my top five are:
  1. High On a Mountain Top - hymn no. 5
  2. For the Beauty of the Earth - no. 92
  3. In Humility, Our Savior - no. 172
  4. All Creatures of Our God and King - no. 62
  5. Abide with Me! - no. 166
likewise there are hymns that i really do not care for and even have trouble mustering up the desire to sing (gasp!) but that's the truth. my bottom five are (sorry if you like these ones):
  1. The Iron Rod - no. 274
  2. As Sisters in Zion - no. 309
  3. True to the Faith - no. 254
  4. Let Us Oft Speak Kinds Words to Each Other - no. 232
  5. Who's on the Lord's Side? - no.260
now, ye who are without dislikes, cast the first stone. just as i thought... no stones. admit it. there are hymns you don't like either.