27 January 2010

compelled to take action: a resolution

the last few nights i've been having these dreams where my kids are in very precarious positions or about to cause some trouble. for example, this morning i dreamed that Tom is sitting in my window sill (which is five feet above the floor) reaching for a glass jar that will fall and break. right before the critical moment of these dreams i find myself waking up with outreached arms, slightly flustered. it's weird.

then a couple days ago my favorite wooden spoon that i bought at a market in Venice almost nine years ago cracked in half. bad luck or an omen?

also, my Lola plant has started to die. probably from over watering. it was such a pretty one.

so what lesson have i chosen to take from these random events? simply this: it is time to systematically go through the last five years of my digital photos and print out the good ones. then starting now, print the new ones off on a regular basis (i've decide every two months) and make real photo albums again. after all, digital is wonderful but as a friend of mine just experienced, it's painfully virtual.

13 January 2010

checking in 2010

i didn't know they had it in them but these two kids rocked the nine-hour drive between Reno and SLC out and back. the borrowed, last resort, trick-up-my-sleeve DVD player never made it out of the box. you know what this means now? English and i are getting ideas - summer vacation ideas - and they are grand indeed.

in the mean time, hope your Christmas was swell beyond words (like mine was) and here's to a healthful and prosperous new year.

these guys are just begging for a piano duet recital opportunity

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year