02 November 2013

trick-or-treating is for the dusk

last year i was astonished to have a steady stream of trick-or-treaters starting before 4pm. this year we posted the sign above on our door. i know it's kind of Scrooge-like in a Halloween sort of way but how are you supposed to make and eat dinner, get in costumes, take a few photos all while answering the door every 5-10 minutes? you can't. so the sign worked and i've saved it for next year.

English's Johnny Depp-Tonto costume was made from nighthawk wings and a gopher snake skin he found while out running. (Ash went with Dad as a cowgirl to a "gender-bender" costume/drag event at the College.)

Finn sported his jack-o-lantern shirt and candy corn socks. Tom was a skeleton cowboy (the mask was his idea and he helped me make it) and Ash was a sparkling angel, which she loved!

last year, this year


jo said...

Love it. All.

ash said...

That sign is a very swell idea.