21 August 2012

first day

this girl is ready for the adventures of kindergarten! what and exciting time... have a great year, Ash!


jo said...

so, kinda strange, but my google reader just told me that these last few posts were posted today. I'm sorry I didn't see them sooner, but glad I saw them now.

Cute, cute, fam.

kel said...

you busted me jo... i'm back posting because i have been completely absent from cheese on rye since last summer. but i am trying to get caught up.

i have to say, the new (lack of) image editing abilities this new blogger version offers chaps my hide. i have to mess with the html to get it to look how i want. oh well. at least i still have that full head of hair.

Lindsey Hicks said...

So what does her post it note say?

kel said...

the note says that Ash will take the bus home and get off at stop L. :) gotta love the pinning of notes to kids.